Evidence Exposed In Asaram Bapu Case


Evidence Exposed In Asaram Bapu Case: Video recording of FIR disappeared. Many pages of the FIR register were torn
. Different age of girl in birth certificate Girl Was Major. Not a single scratch mark was found in the medical

10yrs ago POCSO was imposed with ill mentality to defame the pious Hindu Saint no direct evidence in Asaram Bapu Case, Multiple Age Documents Proves that Girl Was Major Then Why Was Bapuji Sentenced?
Evidence Exposed

In Asaram Bapu Case Evidence Exposed that the Girl Was Major and not minor when she put fake allegations against http://Bapuji.It was all conspiracy to impose POCSO.

Evidence Exposed in Asaram Bapu Case.
Girl was Major on the day of so-called incidence BUT Judiciary didn’t consider the documents presented by Bapuji side such as Admission Forms, Regd.Form, Scholar Register, LIC Proposal Form.

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