Top 10 Famous Belly Dancers in the World 2023


In this video, we are going to countdown the Top 10 Famous Belly Dancers in the World 2023! Some of the famous belly dancers in the world include Ivy Queen, Kelly Rowland and Ada Vox. Be sure to watch this video to see who makes the top 10 list!
12 World’s Famous and Best Belly Dancers this Decade!

Most belly dancers are from the Middle East and Arabic countries, as these countries are famous for this particular art.

1. Alla Kushnir:
One of the world’s most popular and favourite belly dancers of the current decade is Alla Kushnir. The belly dancer is born in Ukraine however lives in Egypt currently.

2. Amar Gamal:
Talk about elegance and the mesmerizing, magical, beautiful moves we can only remember of Amar Gamal.

3. Maya Maghraby:
Talk about the youngest belly dancers in Egypt; Maya Maghraby is definitely going to be among the top on the list.

4. Syrena:
Syrena is another world-famous Belly dancer currently.

5. Amie Sultan:
Amie Sultan is another diva we have to talk about in the list of world-famous belly dancers.

6. Sadie Marquardt:
The star, Sadie Marquardt, is another popular name in the belly dancing field.

7. Loretta:
We can’t miss out Loretta in this list of best belly dancers in the world.

8. Amani:
The Lebanese belly dancer, Amani, is among the list of the world’s top belly dancers this decade has witnessed.

9. Amelia Zidane:
Born in France, Amelia Zidane has been among the world’s famous belly dancers list for several years.

10. Rachel Brice:
Rache Brice is the most famous tribal fusion style belly dance specialist in the world.